Qtcreator zoomin alternatives in linux

  • some of you noticed that ctrl++ (zoomin) ability seems to be broken in linux, for text editor, help, etc
    this is not broken in windows. also, for any operating system, the zoomin key redefinition also seems to be broken
    since many complained about this, i wanted to propose an immediate alternative. use ctrl+wheel-scroll instead! this should serve your imediate zoomin/out needs, right away, especially on high-resolution laptops.

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    Ctrl-+ and Ctrl-- work fine on linux.

    Ctrl-Mousewheel zooming works fine, too. (for as long as Tools>Options>Text Editor>Behaviour>Enable scroll-wheel zooming is checked).

    Just tested both right now. It is possible that some window managers/desktop environments consume the keys before they reach creator, though. That is unfortunately unavoidable since there are so many environments with so many different keyboard shortcuts that it is basically impossible to define a set of shortcuts that will work everywhere.

    Which desktop environment on which linux are you using?

  • actually, on us keyboard, only Ctrl-- works fine. Ctrl+ does not work at all, unless you have a 105/desktop keyboard and use the numeric (extreme right) +
    i did not know that there was an "enable scroll-wheel zomming" and btw, this reflects not only on the editor, but also on the rendering surface of help subsystem. it's a life savior

    this is not about the windows manager confiscating the ctrl-+. i tried this with various windows managers, checked the key mappings, same result.

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