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Add VS compiler to Qt Creator

  • Hello!
    Qt Creator from Qt5 SDK(other Qt version are not install) dont want to find any compiler in my computer.
    I have Visual Studio 2008 and 2012, in former times i have VS 2010 too, but delete it.
    Can i use(and if i can - how can i connect it?) Qt 5 with 2008/2012 compiler or i need to install VS 2010(and if i need, can i download only compiler and connect it with Qt Creator?)
    Thanks in advance!

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    Creator should pick up MSVC compilers from your registry. If it does not and the compilers are indeed registered there (I heard from one user that his did not register, the normal MS installer does it though), then "please report a bug": .

  • Ok, i wiil report bug, but how can i declare compiler myself?

  • I download Qt Creator from this site without Qt SDK and it find compilers, but it find compilers 11 and 9 version, and Qt Creator write that this compilers cant produce code for Qt 5. But i download VS add-in, and install it - it is work right and compile. How can i chock up Qt Creator work with this versions of compilers too?

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    You are free to ignore that warning. This will fail sooner or later though, the compilers are not fully compatible.

  • Ok, thanks for the explanation

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