Difference between QML WebKit & C++ WebKit?

  • Qt Docs says what there is two WebKit modules:

    • Qt WebKit Classes for a WebKit2 based implementation and a new QML API. See also Qt WebKit Widgets in the add-on modules.
    • Qt WebKit Widgets WebKit1 and QWidget-based classes from Qt 4.

    I'm now starting to port Qt4 WebKit browser to Qt5, and i I'm confused about what should I actually use? Is the QWebView/QWebPage classes are outdated and I should use QML webkit plugin? But my app is actually in C++ and i don't want to use this freaky QML. It also does not gives me needed flexibility like setting own QNAM , context menu events, control of subwindow creation etc...

    What is going on with webkit and what should I use?

  • I am not expert on this topic but what I learned so far is that the webkit when used in the webview of QML is most upto date. But there are many features which are still not available such as ability to do websettings etc..


    Also if you use the WebView in QML you will have to load it in using QQuickView in c++ code which create its own window. Which means you can't use your old .ui files. There are few solutions around that which should be verified.

    webkit in c++ is almost unchanged. Again this is i learned from my experience.

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