Has anyone experienced problems installing Debugging Tools for Windows lately?

  • Hi,

    I just got a new PC and had to reinstall the development tools. I have installed VS2010 and Qt5 libraries, Qt Creator included. Earlier I have successfully installed Debugging Tools for Windows, but this time it didn't work that well.

    The first link on MSDN page (link from this "this page":http://qt-project.org/doc/qtcreator-2.6/creator-debugger-engines.html) is the SDK for Windows 8. It complains about missing .Net 4.5 and since I'm using Windows 7 I didn't proceed with the installation.

    There is a link for the Windows 7 SDK further down on the MSDN page. I tried this installer, only installing the debugging tools. The installation fails, and the error messages says the details are in a .htm file which I think is in the install directory. Anyway, the installer cleans up well after itself, so I can't find it.

    (Currently there downloading the Windows 7 SDK reports a server error :( )

    Has anyone had this problem and been able to solve it?


  • Windows 8 SDK did the trick, but never got the SDK 7.1 to install...

  • Seems like the answer tio my question is yes: http://qt-project.org/wiki/Cannot_Install_Windows_SDK

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