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New install of qt5, won't compile

  • Hi all,
    first off, new user to Qt. Downloaded 5.0.0 for windows with vc2010. Installed on three computers running Win 7 x64, x86, and Win 8 x86, all exhibit same problem. Opened QtCreator and created a new project based off "Qt Quick 1 Application (Built-in Elements)". Click Run. Error comes up: "Qt Creator needs a compiler set up to build. Configure a compiler in the kit options." Okay, so google it, few people with same error, no solution. So go to Tools>Options... Go to Build&Run>Compilers... nothing in there. How do I get a compiler to be auto detected? Is there a compiler included with Qt5? Why doesn't this work straight from the box? Tried 4.8.4 with both VC2010 and MinGW, fail. Do I have to go to an older version to get something to compile?

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    You need to install the compiler yourself. Qt does not ship a compiler with it, because MS licensing does not permit that.

    You can get MSVC for free from MS SDK 7.1, or MS Visual Studio Express.

  • There is no compiler included with Qt 5: The binaries are built with MSVC 2010 and you need MSVC 2010 to work with them. This compiler is made by microsoft and not freely distributable, so it is not included in the Qt 5 packages.

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