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Again SIGSEGV: segmetation fault error

  • Hi there,
    I'm new to Qt Creator but not new to C++ IDEs.
    I just installed under Win-XP-SP3 the Qt Creator 2.6.1 (Based on Qt 4.8.3 -32 bit) with Qt484 libraries and MinGW 0.5 beta (20120426) compiler.
    When I compile and run in debug mode any (untouched) example, as 'analogclock", after a successfull compilation, I always get this error when running: "SIGSEGV segmetation fault"; the source code is pointed the in-line function QBasicAtomicInt::deref in the qatimc_i386.h module.
    If I compile and run in release mode I get a system unspecified error.
    I red the forum about disabling th antivirus but the error still persists.
    Can anyone help me? Thanks, Adriano

  • Are you using precompiled libraries with the beta MinGW? Your problem is most certainly the ABI incompatibility. You HAVE to rebuild Qt from source to use it with your compiler.

  • As I'm new to Qt world, I don't feel ready to "rebuild Qt from source", whatever you mean with "Qt".
    I would just explore the Qt and not to rebuilt Qt to be able to explore Qt... :-)
    Are somewhere already built libraries for mingw, or can I use any other C++ compiler compatible with Qt Creator and Qt 4.8.4 libraries?

  • You can use MinGW 4.4 with corresponding Qt 4.8 libraries. It was included in Qt SDK before. Right now I guess you'll have to find it on your own. Building Qt (which means libraries, binaries, examples and documentation) is painful, but fruitful experience. If you want to use C++11 features - that's the only way for now.

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