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Solving a problem

  • I have a thread that I'm trying to mark as solved, and have gone through the forum documentation where it is mentioned that to mark a thread as solved "click on the edit link below the avatar and user name. It usually marks that a question is answered sufficiently". This I did and the only thing that happens next is a text box pops up where one can alter the thread description. So I entered [Solved] into the text box and then I have to repost the message and nothing happens in the forum that shows the thread as marked solved! Can someone tell me more specifically how to mark a thread as solved. This is so much easier in other forums that I work with: all I have to do it click a solved button! Also, in the process of trying to mark as solved I clicked a text box to mark all posts as seen which I did, now everything in the discussion group listing is greyed out: how do I revert back to where I was?

  • If you edit the very first post in your thread, you can edit the title of the entire thread too.

    Just prepend the text "[Solved]" and that's it.

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