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Text edit cursor behaves strangely

  • Hi,

    I have a problem, which now and again keeps returning.
    When I type with QT creator, sometimes it happens that the text edit cursor goes into a different state.
    It then displays as a black filled rectangle, instead of a vertical line. I don't know how to get back to the normal mode.
    (Closing and reopening the file won't help)

    Also I don't know how I get into that mode in the first place. It must be some key stroke combination, which perhaps I sometimes do by accident? I'm using a mac, but it also happened to me under windows once (running on a mac).

    Perhaps this is an easy to solve thing for a QT pro. I'm pretty new to QT Creator.

    thankful for any hint,


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    Did you hit the insert key? That switches between insert mode and overwrite mode and switches the text cursor to indicate that.

  • Holding fn and pressing DELETE is the insert key on the mac.
    No that's not what I did. It seems to be something else.. It almost seems like some kind of buggy behavior, from what I can tell, at least.. i.e. I don't get what happens, and why it happens..

    For example, when QT creator is in the "filled Rect" mode and I press CMD + C (copy) it will go back to normal mode sometimes, and at the same time the current text line is un-indented, as if I pressed DELETE on a tabbed line.

    If this continues, I think I'll have to re install :(

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    Do you have "-- COMMAND --" or something in the lower right corner? That would indicate vi mode...

    I tend to just disable the vi plugin to make sure I never end up in it;-)

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