Trouble debugging Qt source installed from git/gitorious

  • I have read and followed "this": and "here":, except I loaded via gitorious rather than apt.

    Also, my install (after running configure/make/make-install) is located in /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.8.5/.

    I have created/edited ~/.gbdinit just like mentioned.

    But its not diving down into the source code for me when I "Step into" one of them.

    I did configure with the -debug-and-release flag, but not the -developer-build.

    One thing I cannot see is in the first link where the Qt Creator > Tools > Options > Debugger > Source Path Mapping > Add / Add Qt sources… setting was suggested.

    I do not have this option in Qt Creator 1.3.1. That is the latest that I can get via apt/Synaptic.

    I am going to try building it from git also and see if the "Add / Add Qt sources..." is included in that version.

    Anyhow, other than building again, I have don't know how to see the Qt source.

    Any other ideas? Thanks.

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