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Custom QTreeWidgetItem class in QtScript

  • Hi,
    I am trying to make custom qtreewidgetitem class in QtScript. I doing it as:

    ================ main.h
    @public CustomTreeWidgetItemClass : QTreeWidgetItem
    void setValue(QString value);
    QString getValue();
    =============== main.cpp
    @static QScriptValue construct (QScriptContext *context, QScriptEngine *engine)
    CustomTreeWidgetItemClass *object = new CustomTreeWidgetItemClass();
    return engine->newScriptValue(object);

    int main()
    engine.globalObject().setPropert("CustomTreeWidgetItemClass", engine.newFunction(construct));
    ============================ main.js
    @var treeItem = new CustomTreeWidgetItemClass();
    treeItem.setText("123"); // it does not execute when making instance as
    // CustomTreeWidgetItemClass *object = new CustomTreeWidgetItemClass();
    // BUT it does execute when i cast to QTreeWidgetItem as
    // QTreeWidgetItemClass *object = new CustomTreeWidgetItemClass();
    Can anyone please guide me how can achieve custom class declaration in qtscript. I am new to qt/script so please guide me accordingly.

    Thank you in advance.

    [Edit: Added @ tags around code -- mlong]

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