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Qt creator and the Qt SDK libraries

  • I downloaded and compiled the Qt SDK (4.8.4) for linux, but after installing, I don't see the qtcreator anywhere!
    From what I understand from the download page, I expected to see it installed with the SDK.

    If I download the standalone qtcreator, will it be able to see and access the whole SDK that I installed to the system?

  • Why don't you simply download the Qt5 Libraries wich includes the latest Qt creator. Both 32 and 64bits releases are availables on this page :

  • I'm running CentOS 6.3 which is based originally on Qt-4.6.2 and later was updated to Qt-4.7.
    I decided to update my system to Qt-4.8.4 which I've tested and found my system functions very well, but I'm afraid that in case of Qt-5 things may not go fine with the system unless I'm sure if Qt-5 contains support qt4 support.

    Does Qt5 has qt4 support?

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    There is no Qt 4 SDK at this time, just stand-alone Qt 4 library packages. So you will need to install Qt Creator separately.

    The Qt 5 packages come with Qt Creator included and thus are basically a "Qt desktop SDK". There was an announcement claiming that the Qt 5 installer will be able to also install Qt 4 later (via an online installer).

    The old "Nokia Qt SDK" also has Qt 4, Qt Creator and support for the Nokia phone platforms, but that one is really dated by now.

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