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QT app doesn't startup from windows cmd

  • I'm having a little problem, when compiling and running my app in QtCreator, everything works fine, even with command line arguments.

    When releasing my app and running it from cmd.exe, the app doesn't do anything. Even a "cout" doesn't shows up. The cmd just pops to the next rule it doesn't run.

    My application should normally show a QLabel with pictures.

    I checked dependency walker and it sais I have dll's from different processor type, therefore I searched on google and I found that it couldn't give a problem because the dll's are only available in 64 bit.

    startup I do like: "text.exe 64000"

    Screenshot included.

    Anyone who could help me?

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    With dependency walker you have to make sure of two things:

    1. You use the same version as your app is ie. 32bit if your app is 32bit and 64bit if your app is 64bit, otherwise the misleading warning about different processor type appears.
    2. Make sure none of the Qt dlls are in the PATH or QT_DIR, otherwise it will pick them up and report no problem but your app won't start after deployment.

    The other thing is that dependency walker can't check for any dlls loaded dynamically, so make sure you deploy all the plugins you use, so platforms/qwindows.dll(most probably that's what you're missing), imageformats/qgif.dll or sqldrivers/qsqlite.dll and so on.

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