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[solved] Could not create HTML5 project

  • Hello there.

    I am trying to create new HTML5 project but still no luck. Everthing ends in "Targets" section, it says "No valid kits found".
    Any ideas?

    Thank in advice!

  • welcome to devnet

    Probably you should be a bit more elaborating on

    • what you have installed?
    • what you are actually using?
    • what you are trying to achieve?

  • Im trying to create HTML5 application under Qt5 running Windows 7 32 bit and VS2010 + SP1 installed.

  • So I guess you are using Qt creator starting a "HTML5 application".
    You might want to check if you have a tool kit assigned in Qt creator. Go to "Tools"->"Options"->"Build&Run" you should see a tap called "Kits". There you should find vs2010 either auto-detected or manually assigned. Check this.

    Unfortunately I am not a user of Qt5 nor HTML 5. So hopefully someone else can jump in.

    Good luck.

  • There are kit for VS2010, and everything works (even QtWebkit example compiling).

    Seems to be a HTML5 application wizard bug, huh?

  • Moderators

    The HTML 5 application wizard does not support Qt 5 yet and will only list Kits containing Qt version 4.x.

    Actually that wizard should be hidden in a pure Qt 5 setup.

  • So, the only way is to install older version of Qt (4.8.4 e.g.). Will this fix that?

    PS: Finally I've done it. Just install Qt 4.8.4 and manually add it to Qt Creator. Thanks everyone!

  • Good to know that your problem has been solved. Please mark the thread with [Solved] in the title line.

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