Demo shared lib missing

  • When I open up the examples in Qt5 several of the examples give the following error about not finding demo_shared.lib. The file is not in the computer! Looking through the files for any references to this file, I find several make files, all associated with the problem examples, where the contents of the make file make a reference to this missing library file. This has to be a bug!! Is this going to be fixed in the near future?

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    You can check on JIRA if it has been reported as a bug. Furthermore, you can report bugs there and follow up their current status.
    If it is really a bug, this might get lost if only reported in this forum.

    Concerning your problem I can give you only a more general advice looking for a makefile which supports building demo_shared.lib and build it.

  • [SOLVED] I did post a bug report for this problem, thanks.

  • [SOLVED] I did post a bug report for this problem, thanks.

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