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[Solved] Install Qt5 on Opensuse 12.2 home

  • I can install Qt5 locally on home directory to test it on Linuxmint but not on Opensuse. When I install on Linuxmint I get a dialog to select the installation directory, but not on Opensuse. Does anybody know how to come around this? I have both distroes installed but Opensuse is now becoming my main distro. I don't have enought space on my Opensuse rootfs and I wouldn't like to start reorganizing just because of review.

  • I try'ed to install Qt5 also in my Opensuse Linux install. But didn't get it to work. I was so frustrated at it that I installed Kubuntu on it and now it runs very well.

    Good luck to get it running on Opensuse.

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    What happens on opensuse? Is it just the directory selection that went missing or does the installer have other issues?

  • Installation ends with error message box "Not enough space on /usr".
    That is true because installation requires 1.3Gb and I have only 1.1Gb free.
    On Linuxmint I get a dialog box where I can install in home directory without superuser privileges. This directory question is missing.


    This is the message. It wants to install on /usr instead of /home

  • Ou yes. Now I see the message in new light. It wants to save temporary files on /
    not the installation. I have to reorganize my file system after all. Sorry for noise.

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    I doubt that this is the issue: Your user should not be able to write into '/', so the installer can not put temporary files there.

    It might put things into /tmp or /var/tmp. Are those part of the root partition in your setup?

  • Everything else but /home is mounted on /
    I can also write on /var/tmp but now I must find out what can I delete. I might get enought space cleared.

  • I got it. I moved /usr/share to /home/share and made link in original /usr/share
    /usr/share was 1,8Gb

    Installation was succesful.

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