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Qt Quick Components

  • We're kicking off a project for Components for Qt Quick - basically widgets that fit into platform look and feel. First focus will be L&F on MeeGo and Symbian, and expanding support for other platforms in the future. At the outset we'll create the most basic components and ensure they work well in the host User Experience. I've created a "wiki": explaining the project and pointing to the various points of interaction. If you're interested in contributing either use-cases or actual code, please do so!

  • Not only a great initiative, you can actually learn a lot about Qt Quick by browsing the examples and sources. I found the player example very good.


  • Sounds great - I'd be interested in contributing, what kind of help are you looking for?

  • @brendand - currently the project is just getting started and we aren't even certain what we are going to do. So if you want to help, you can join the discussion occurring in the channels Henrik listed in his wiki page.

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