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Is QtWebKit hardware accelerated?

  • For example, Google Chrome uses webkit, and I know that HTML in modern browsers generally is not hardware accelerated unless you use special CSS3 tricks or WebGL.

    Is this also the case with QtWebKit? Or is QtWebKit different from normal browsers and hardware accelerated?

  • Normally browsers like Google Chrome has several people working on it, and sure enough they implement techniques to hardware acceleration.

    The QtWebKit library is only included in Qt WebKit, no changes (I think), where you can make various settings, even create a browser like Google Chrome, but I believe that by default it does not have anything to speed up the hardware, but it has a setting that helps performance.

    @setAttribute (QWebSettings::AutoLoadImages, true);@

    You can also interact with the browser's DOM of the page, using Javascript to make pages, pages of settings, bookmarks page such as "chrome://bookmarks", and more.


  • That's very cool. Thanks. I guess it could be beneficial if you mix web views into your native app. This might be convenient if you already have web views made and are making a new native app, but I'm starting from scratch so I will stick to 100% native.

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