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Qt Creator Bugs - lot of bugs

  • Hi,

    I am having a lot of extemly annoyin issues with Qt Creator 2.6.1 under linux mint/ubuntu (64bits). I am forced to revert to the older version that works and is reliable.

    Issues that happens 100% with every session and never one time did Qt Creator exist gracefully. In short always crashing:

    1. freezing window on editing (has to kill)
    2. freezing while building (has to kill)
    3. crashing while typing

    and a lot more.

    Do you plan to get those extremly annoying bugs fixed or do we consider Qt creator project dead ? adding features is nice but having a stable app is essential. Please do more QA testing next time because I didn't sign up to do QA. and QT creator is far from being even beta at this stage. I hope these are creator's bugs and not related to qt 5.


  • Absolutely correct.

    Furthermore, while running Qt Creator 2.6.1 on Mac OS X 10.7.5, at a given point in the session, my up and down keys stop working. Restarting Qt Creator flushes away the problem.

  • Please "report bugs": via the official channels. Posting on the forums will most probably go unnoticed :)

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    No, Creator is definitely not dead;) I do not have stability issues with Qt Creator, and I tend to have it open and in use all day long.

    Where did you get your Qt Creator from? Which Qt version does it use? Do you have backtraces?

    Please "report bugs": so that we have a chance to fix them:-)

  • A agree to with this post : I not happy at all for switching to QtCreator 2.6.1. A lot of crash like said kinzeron. Plus:

    bug with copy/paste system when we copy for another editor (like geany or gedit for example) : QtCreator just keep pasting the preview text and we can't copy anymore things.

    bug with this accents : impossible anymore to insert accents into the comments. The accent is writing alone before the letter.

    I will try to report those bugs if I have some time, but I'm not sure because I have exams all the next week.

    Is it possible to come back to QtCreator 2.5 with Qt 5.0 ?

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    Nope, unfortunately you need Qt Creator 2.6.1 for Qt 5 (2.6.0 will not work with anything later than beta2!).

    Vinorcola: What you list there looks a lot like Qt 5 bugs (I have not looked into the issues, but am pretty sure we use the normal Qt code for those kind of things). You could try whether those vanish when using the stand alone Qt Creator packages from the download pages: Those are still using Qt 4, while the Creator in the Qt 5 package is based on Qt 5.

    If your problems vanish which Qt 5, then please report the things you are currently seeing as Qt bugs!

  • Apparantly, it come from Qt5, because using QtCreator from the stand alone packages fix all those bugs: no more crash now!

  • Qt Creator 2.6.1 from the "Qt libraries 5.0.0 for Linux 32-bit (411 MB)" package crashes every 10-30 minutes (sometimes even more frequently). The OS is Ubuntu 12.04 (32 bit, of course).
    Crashes occur usually on autocompletion (when the corresponding menu pops up). There are also some random crashes when entering text or just navigating.
    I have to save the files opened every single minute to prevent loss of changes. Absolutely not usable.
    P.S.: Will now try to install the standalone version of Qt Creator.

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    DarkAngel: It is really stable for me. Do you have backtraces so that we can track this issue down?

  • Well, the application just freezes. I've launched it from the terminal to see the debug output, but there's nothing sensible:
    ! 1)!
    Those few debug messages appeared when I opened a project. About 10-15 minutes later Qt Creator window just freezed. It didn't respond anymore:
    ! 2)!
    (Window "application.h - <...>" is not responding. Forced application termination will cause all unsaved data loss.)
    P.S.: The standalone version of Qt Creator works fine. I 've beed using it for more than 15 hous and have not noticed any problem.
    P.P.S.: Is there a way to post clickable previews of the pictures?

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    Could you try to attach a debugger to the frozen application and get a backtrace from it?

  • Do you mean something like Valgrind? I'm not very common with debugging tools, cause just reading standard debug messages from the command line was always enough for me.
    Please, just say what tools exactly should I use.

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    No, I mean a debugger like gdb. They can attach to already running applications.

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    Can you pause the execution when creator freezes and get a backtrace, please? has some instructions on how to get one.

  • OK, I'll try to do this later (maybe tomorrow).

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    DarkAngel: Thanks for your help and patience. It is appreciated!

  • It took a bit longer to get a freeze this time, but finally here's the log:
    When the application freezed, I pressed Ctrl+C and then entered the "bt" command. When the new messages stopped appearing, I quitted using the "quit" command.

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    DarkAngel: Good news, AFAIK that one is going to be fixed in 5.0.1:-)

  • Well, until then we may just use the standalone version of Qt Creator, which is free from the issue.
    Anyway, thanks for your help.

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