Problem with Qt 5 (Installation and Form Editor)

  • Ok, so the installation of Qt stops on 70% (and it stays there for 10 mins, sometimes it is .html file or .dll file). And computer slows down , and later after some time installation is finished.

    Then I go to Qt Creator and when i click Forms (folder) - it crashes (Qt stopped working), but Qt Designer (But not in Qt Creator).

    I don't know what is the problem, but i reinstalled Qt few times, nothing helps.

    I am using Win 8. And Qt 5 (Visual Studio 10 Compiler) - btw I had installed Visual Studio 10 so maybe thats the problem ? Because i installed VS10 compiler from Qt and I had 1 installed already.?

    Thanks for any adivce and help, And sorry for my Bad English.

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