Undefined DESTDIR_TARGET and other variables in Mac OSX

  • I have a .pro file where I define a QMAKE_POST_LINK step, looking like this:

    mac {

    This is not working in Mac, as $$DESTDIR_TARGET is empty. This is working fine in Windows and Linux. I added a message() line to show the contents of that and other variables, and they seem to be empty as well.

    Any thoughts? I´m using Qt 4.6 on Leopard 10.5.

  • Funny, seems still to be a problem in the year 2013. Did you (or anyone else) file a bug?

  • Gonna try this on a Windows machine to describe the issue more precisely and file a bug on my own.

  • Just for reference, you can use OUT_PWD and TARGET.

  • Also empty with Windows for me. Is it by design?

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