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Assembler error while compiling Qt5 ?

  • I'm encountering a very strange error while compiling Qt5 for 32 bit system. QtWebkit won't compile with a message from assembler. I've never seen such errors before. That seems not to be a compiler nor linker error

    mingw32-make[2]: Entering directory 'E:/sources/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.0.0/qtwebkit/Source/WebKit'
    g++ -c {blah blah blah blah} -o .obj\debug_shared\qhttpheader.o qt\Api\qhttpheader.cpp
    Assembler messages:
    Fatal error: can't create .objdebug_shared\qhttpheader.o: No such file or directory
    qt\Api\qhttpheader.cpp:272:1: fatal error: error writing to -: No error
    compilation terminated.

  • I think that's because of wrong address that compiler tries to generate files in:
    which actually should be:

  • interesting! mkdir ./.objdebug_shared causes compile to continue. It's definitely a bug. I'm gonna report.

    (I should stop talking myself.)

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