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When choose customized qcompleter dropdown list item, it does not appear in customized lineditor

  • I followed this great example at http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/tools-customcompleter.html, but when I use the arrow key to go through the customized QCompleter dropdown list item, the item does not appear in the customized line editor (it is highlighted in blue in the dropdown list). when I hit the enter button, the item will appear in the line editor highlighted in blue. then i have to hit the enter button again to let the editor take the item.

    this is different from how QCompleter behaves. in QCompleter, when using the arrow key to go through the items, they will automatically appear in the editor without highlight. when hitting the enter button, the editor will take the item.

    I spent a lot of time debugging, but couldn't figure out what's wrong.

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