Compiling Qt5 on Win64: much more problems than expected

  • Ok, it's going to be a real nightmare for me to compile Qt5 on stupid windows platform. In first step I encountered a very strange error after hours of searching I found that it's because of .gitignore ! Why there should be a ignore pattern file in source release tarball? win7 refuses to create a file with no name so I used nano of MSYS to make it...

    After successfully configuring Qt5, I installed requirements (OpenSSL, ICU etc.)

    Then I found that there is no way to have a working DBus on 64 bit windows. I tried to compile various sources: DBus4Win, KDE4Win and original tarball from None of them even won't configure. The config script says that expat.h is nout found. I already compiled and installed expat in MSYS/mingw. Also tried precompiled libraries fron KDE4Win project. They're nice but there is no debugging dll (compilation terminates with ld.exe error that -ldbus-1d not found)

    Have you ever had success compiling Qt with DBus support on 64bit windows ? How?

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    Hi soroush,

    I haven't used D-Bus on Windows so I've always compiled Qt 5 without D-Bus support. If you want help with compiling D-Bus itself, you'll have better luck asking the D-Bus developers.

    Someone else was looking for Qt + D-Bus on Windows, but someone else warned that you might get strange and unexplained quirks on Windows:

    [quote author="soroush" date="1356638728"]After successfully configuring Qt5, I installed requirements (OpenSSL, ICU etc.)[/quote]Note: You'll need to install libraries BEFORE configuring, or Qt will be compiled without them.

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