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Center list view vertically

  • Hey,

    I have a rectangle with a specific height (which doesn't change) and a ListView inside this rectangle. Normally I use anchors.fill: parent on the listview, but now I get this problem: When the listview contains only 2-3 elements, it is smaller than the rectangle so there is space over below the last item.
    What can I do if I want to center the items like in the picture below:
    !http://i.imgur.com/J9u6e.png(QML ListView: Layout centered)!

    I tried to use something like this:
    @ ListView {
    anchors.fill: parent // When not having this line, the list has height 0
    anchors.verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter

        model: testmodel
        delegate: Text {
            text: name + ": " + number

    It didn't work.

    Does anyone know how to achieve something like that?
    Thanks in advance!

  • You may put your ListView in another container such as Item, which will be vertically centered in main Container from picture. And don't forget to set inner Item height to -listView.height- and width to parent.width.
    UPD use listView.contentHeight instead of listView.height. Of maybe you will need their combination.
    I can't test it now, but it should works.

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