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Problems writing a txt file

  • Hi everybody!
    Im having trouble writing a txt file.
    Im supposed to keep a log on my program, and each time a certain "event" happens, im supposed to write it on a txt file, with the date and time.
    The program works, but i dont know why, it adds a couple of strange characters at the beggining of each line.

    This is my code:

    void Grabador::escribir_log(QString data)
    QFile log("log.txt");|QIODevice::WriteOnly);
    QDataStream out(&log);

    ive debugged the program and im sure that the information on data is correct.
    But after i run the program, this is how my log looks like

  • Use QTextStream instead of QDataStream.

  • Thx, that fixed it!

  • You're welcome. QDataStream places some information in front of each item in case it is required to correctly deserialize the item (for example the length of the string as in your case).

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