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  • Hy,

    first, sorry for my english. I am very new on the QtFramework and QtCreator. I have a Ubunut Linux with 2.5.2 Qt Creator and 4.8.2 Qt Firmware.
    I am interested, how can I add clang to my project as tool chain (I found tools-> options -> Build & Run -> Tool Chains tab, but I don't know, how must I use it) and how can I set the compiler options, such as use the newer standard C++ 2011 or use -O3 optimisations, etc?

    Thank you for reply.

  • Moderators

    You turn on compiler flags per Qt project - in your .pro file (using QMAKE_CXXFLAGS and such, see "qmake variable reference":

    I have not used clang yet, but once you have it installed, it should show up in Qt Creator. If not, you need to point QtC to the c++ binary.

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