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Using Qt to get 64 bit programs

  • Hi,

    After a week of hard work I found out how to compile Qt 4.8.4 in order to use minGW-64 as toolchain.

    To achieve that I ran configure -fast -qt-style-windowsxp -no-xmlpatterns -no-webkit -plugin-sql-mysql

    I could successfuly compile my app, but when it tries to connect to mysql databank (, my app crashes.

    Debuger points to file qsql_mysql.cpp line 1276:

    if ((d->mysql = mysql_init((MYSQL*) 0)) &&
    host.isNull() ? static_cast<const char *>(0)
    : host.toLocal8Bit().constData(),
    user.isNull() ? static_cast<const char *>(0)
    : user.toLocal8Bit().constData(),
    password.isNull() ? static_cast<const char *>(0)
    : password.toLocal8Bit().constData(),
    db.isNull() ? static_cast<const char *>(0)
    : db.toLocal8Bit().constData(),
    (port > -1) ? port : 0,
    unixSocket.isNull() ? static_cast<const char *>(0)
    : unixSocket.toLocal8Bit().constData(),

    Is there any thing I could do to fix this? Is this a bug related to 64bits compilation on windows? Does anyone could use qt and mingw-w64 to an application like mine ? How?


  • What are the errors that are generated upon crashing?

  • Hi Peter,

    At debugger I just could see a segmentation fault warning.


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