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Creating a new mkspec for win32-msvc2008

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to create a new mkspec for win32-msvc2008 to set Zc/wchar_t rather than Zc/wchar_t-. I'm doing this as a new mkspec as I want to have 2 configurations, one with and one without.

    The problem I'm having is creating a new mkspec with the name win32-msvc2008-wchar causes an error during the configuration step (after the creating headers for Qt3 support):

    Makefile(57) : fatal error U1023: sytax error in expression.

    I've tried using the cross compile option (-platform win32-msvc2008 -xplatform win32-msvc2008-wchar) , this configures correctly but then fails to find stdint.h while compiling webkit...

    Any ideas???


  • ==You shouldn't need -xplatform - but did you specify the switch as it appears above? The correct switches are "/Zc:wchar_t-" and "/Zc:wchar_t" (though you don't actually need to specify the latter - that's the default).==

  • Hi,

    Sorry that was my typo in the posting, they are set as you've shown them.

    The problem is that the configuration process fails if I rename the mkspec win32-msvc2008 to a different name. I guess there's some meaning in the mkspec name that means the configure will fail if the name isn't correct.


  • No, that name is simply what you need to match "QMAKESPEC" to (or the "-spec" option to "configure").

    Can you post (or pastebin) that Makefile?

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