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App does not start and any questions

  • Hello,

    I am a passionate Qt (I have good knowledge of Qt4) and I am on Qt 5
    However I have some problems
    Here is my config:

    5 + Qt Qt Creator 2.6.1 install with:
    msvc2010 install with:

    Everything works, everything compiles everything is perfect
    However, I still have a problem

    I try to compile an example
    it compiles, I run with Qt Creator, it works. But the file in the compilation do not want to open
    I put the dll but it does nothing. While the run Qt Creator works very well
    Especially, when I put the program in the bin folder of Qt 5 msvc2010. it sOpen
    thus missing dll probably but I do not say

    2nd question: Why there must be so many dll with the program? I mean icuu etc. ..
    3rd question: the application is slow.
    The same source code is QT5 Qt4 reacts differently.

    A checkbox has but one second to check with QT5, and Qt 4 is now!

    So I see that there's been a lot of change with Qt4 you may have answers for me?
    Or a tutorial that explains the transition to Qt 4 QT5

    Thank you very much! good day

    P.S Sorry for my bad english :/

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    attach console, check dependency walker etc. Most probably you have not copied the platform plugin (windows.dll from qtbase/plugins/platforms) to binFolder/plugins/platforms.

    That is just how it is. You can compile Qt5 without ICU, but you will loose some functionality.

    No idea. Use code profiler to see what is wrong. It may be a bug in Qt, but it also might be that your code is bad.

    @Tutorial - there are a few, but I have not seen a complete one to date. Try Qt 5 changelog.

    1. is an example code ! :/

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    So it's more likely to be a Qt bug.

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