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QML : How to read a QList from C++

  • I'm trying to pass QList of integer from QML to C++ code, but somehow my approach is not working.

    Any inputs to solve the problem is highly appreciated.

    Below is my code snippet

    @_Header file_

    Q_PROPERTY(QDeclarativeListProperty<int> enableKey READ enableKey) 
    QDeclarativeListProperty<int> enableKey(); //function declaration
    QList<int> m_enableKeys;

    cpp file

    QDeclarativeListProperty<int> KeyboardContainer::enableKey()
    return QDeclarativeListProperty<int>(this, 0, &KeyboardContainer::append_list);

    void KeyboardContainer::append_list(QDeclarativeListProperty<int> *list, int *key)
    int *ptrKey = qobject_cast<int *>(list->object);
    if (ptrKey) {

  • QDeclarativeListProperty is not what you think it is. Don't use it.

    If you were using QtQuick2, you could simply use QList<int> but in QtQuick1 you're basically out of luck. One terrible hack is to use a QVariantMap and insert(index, value). But it will be exposed in JS as an object, not an array.


  • Thanks for the reply :)

  • For your specific case a better work around could be to just expose an append(int) function to QML directly and iterate over the JS array contents in QML.

    [quote author="chrisadams" date="1355987161"]QDeclarativeListProperty is not what you think it is. Don't use it.

    To be a little more helpful, QDeclarativeListProperty is only for lists of QObject* or pointers to QObject derived types. Not for primitive types.

    Also QList<int> works fine for exporting lists from C++ to QML, better than QVariantMap. But it won't work as you'd expect for assigning to it in QML.

  • The discussion really gave me better insight to the concepts :)

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