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Qt 5.0 Release Doesn't Compile with "no-opengl"

  • On a fresh Ubuntu 12.04 32bit Amazon instance, I downloaded Qt 5.0 Release source code.

    Ran configure with:
    ./configure -no-opengl -no-xcb -nomake tests -nomake examples -nomake demos

    Build dies with lots or errors looking for missing opengl declarations: GLuint, GL_BLEND, glDisable, etc Files such as qsgdefaultrender.cpp, qsggeometry,

    I installed mesa-common-dev, thinking that might help, as it defines all of above, but same errors.

    I am guessing part of this says no opengl, so doesn't include files like gl.h, but then other parts use it??

    It appears qtbase built ok, everything past that dies.

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    You should also refrain from compiling QtQuick 2, it requires OpenGL.

  • How do you not compile QtQuick?

    I tried compiling just QtWebkit: make module-qtwebkit
    but got exact same set of errors.

    Looked for a no qtquick in configure didn't see such a thing

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    I don't know. For web kit it is enough to rename or delete qtwebkid directory. It may be that you have to compile with OpenGL, but are not forced to use it later. I always use OGL, so this has never been a problem for me.

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    BTW. install libglu1-mesa-dev.

  • Nope installing libglu1-mesa-dev didn't help

  • Hi,

    QtWebkit needs opengl, if you don't want opengl, you may disable all modules that use opengl (qtdeclarative,...)


  • Are you sure they changed QtWebKit to require opengl for 5.0?

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