Adding external libs and build directories

  • Dear,

    I'm trying to add an external lib and the readme of that project sais the following:

    @To use jrtplib and jthread in another project, you must then do the

    • in the project settings, add the include directory
      c:\local\include to the list of include directories (for debug and
      release builds)
    • in the project settings, add c:\local\lib to the list of library
    • for the release version, add jrtplib.lib, jthread.lib and
      ws2_32.lib to the list of libraries
    • for the debug version, add jrtplib_d.lib, jthread_d.lib and
      ws2_32.lib to the list of libraries.

    In your program files, include a jrtplib header like this:
    #include <jrtplib3/rtpsession.h>
    and a jthread header like this:
    #include <jthread/jthread.h>@

    So I thought adding this to my .pro file would do it:
    @INCLUDEPATH += "C:\local\include"
    LIBS += -L/c:\local\lib -lpsapi
    but the includes like he sais are not known.

    Can someone help me?

    Kind regards,

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    To add the README, you need to specify it by name in OTHER_FILES variable of your .pro file. It will show up in Qt Creator then.
    OTHER_FILES += path/to/myReadme.txt

    As for includes, you don't need to escape the quotes. You don't, in fact, need to use them. Also, if the library is part of your project, it's probably better to rely on relative paths.

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