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Compiler for QT5 Windows

  • I downloaded QT5 for Windows 7.
    To test my installation I loaded one of the examples in QTCreate and when I try to build it it fails and I get the message "Qt Creator needs a compiler setup to build. Configure a compiler in the kit options"

    I have downloaded MinGW for Windows. Within Qt Creator I choose Tools/Options, I click tab "Compilers", I click the "Add" button and I select "MinGW". A line editor shows up asking for the "Compiler path". I use the browser to select "C:\MinGw\bin". Then a window shows a long list of files and this is as far as I can go as I have no clue what file is the compiler.

    I will appreciate any help on this matter.
    Thank you,

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    If you have downloaded Qt 5 package, then you should use MSVC 10 compiler. Compilers on Windows are not binary compatible, you can't mix them.

  • sierdzio:
    Thank you for your response.
    While waiting for an answer I downloaded QT5 to my Mac (Mountain Lion) and I was able to run a couple of examples and create a desktop widget application immediately after QT5 self installed in my machine.
    For the time being this satisfies my needs. I will follow your advice if at some point I have to work with QT5 for Windows.

    Best regards

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