Qt5 RC2 - QtCreator HTML5 Project - No valid Kits

  • Has anyone seen this error when attempting to create a HTML5 project:

    "No Valid Kits found"

    I am running Qt Creator on Windows 7, w/ MSVS 10. I can build examples, create new GUI desktop projects, but cannot create an HTML5 project. This is a fresh installation of Qt5 RC2 (no other versions installed).

    Sorry if this issue has an obvious fix - not new to Qt, but new to QtCreator.


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    For this kind of project you will need a Qt 4.x version incl. Qt Webkit set up in a Kit. The generated code is not tested at all with Qt 5 yet and will most likely not work out of the box.

    There is a bug report about the wizard being offered in a setup without Qt 4 open.

  • Same problem here. Do we really need Qt 4.x to make this work or is it possible to add webkit to Kits somehow?

  • Oops! please, read this: http://qt-project.org/doc/qtcreator-2.7/creator-project-creating.html

    Mobile Qt Application
    Use Qt Designer forms to design a Qt widget based user interface for mobile devices and C++ to implement the application logic. Select this template to develop for devices that support only Qt 4.6.x

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