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QTCreator debug Exception

  • Environment is Windows XP SP3 and QTCreator 2.6.0

    Using QT 4.7.1 library.

    Running "Start debugging" in QTCreator in a QT Gui application project.

    In a status bar in QTCreator I get "Exception at 0x7c812aeb, Code: 0x406d1388: Startup complete, flags=0x0 in kernel32!RaiseException" but QTCreator does not break on the exception even though "Break on C++ exception" is checked in Options->Debugger.

    Using another debugger no exception appear to happen.

    How can I find out more about this exception?

  • This "Exception" Is always thrown by CDB when the Executable is loaded into memory and its entry point is about to run. Not a REAL exception.

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