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Forum issue - Registration with NoScript

  • Heya everyone,

    First post, and immediately a complaint... =/ I hope this is the right place to ask, but since I found no subforum dedicated to discussing forum issues/internal stuff itself, well, here I am.

    I tried to register for this forum earlier, using a firefox with NoScript enabled (call me paranoid if you wish, but I feel better blocking scripts by default). I followed the instructions, so after typing in the captchas, I copied the text in the resulting box into the one below. Standard forum registration process like I know it from quite a few other forums.

    That seems to qualify me as a bot, though. Nice. Apparently the box will be hidden via script, so that usually people don't see it. Well, everyone allowing scripts, that is.

    Maybe that's a policy that should be reconsidered - it just potentially leads to a lot of false positives.

    At least put a Warning before the text "Your answer was correct. Please copy and paste the text in this text box into the box below." Above the resulting text box - something along the lines "The following is a test to find bots. Do not follow the instructions, or you will be considered one."

    Because this:

    "! to Registration Image)!":

    doesn't give ANY hint or warning to users that have script execution turned off.



    PS: I can't even change my email address to the one I chose for the first registration (the blocked one) for this account.

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    Issues like this should be posted to "Beta Testing": subforum, and/ or reported on JIRA.

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