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Interaction between dialog boxes and main window

  • Hello All,

    Please help me to get interaction(passing some values) between dialog-dialog and dialog-main window.
    It would be very helpful if you provide some code or links for similar examples.

    Any suggestion appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance


  • It is not really clear what you mean, some code will be helpful. In any way the answer will be: use signal/slot connection to communicate between objects... Here is video tutorial: "C++ Qt 04 - Signals and Slots":

  • Thanks for the reply,

    I am trying to make it more clear:

    • I am trying to create some dialogs, which will return some value to the another dialog (which exec() or show the first dialog )when we close these.

    I have tried to write the close event , but don't know how a dialog returns a value to its parent.

    I want to have a three level dialog calling system .(mainWindow -> dialog -> subDialog).
    And the values will be returned in a manner like.(subDialog -> dialog -> mainWindow).

    Please help me for this.

    Any suggestion appreciated.

    Thanks and Regards


  • Like AcerExtensa told you: use signals and slots.

    In your case, you could emit a signal from subDialog in closeEvent, which will be connected to dialog and then from dialog to mainWindow.

    Another way could be to use a defined value with QDialog::done().

  • if you want passing arguments.. this example illustrates pass a int value as an argument in
    signal/slot mechanism.

    in header file

    Q_PROPERTY(int curState READ curState NOTIFY changeState)

    int curState();

    void changeState(int);

    in CPP

    int ClassName::curState() // write a get method in cpp
    return crstate;

    Now you can use signal/slot mechanism whatever you want either
    interaction(passing some values) between dialog-dialog and dialog-main window
    or other.

  • in the above code
    emit a signal "changeState" from Dialogbox in closeEvent, which will be pass value from dialog to dialog or from dialog to mainWindow.

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