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MS VS 2010 HotFix (13-Dec-2012) breaks Qt Creator building

  • I am trying to build an very basic UI application in Qt5.rc2 which built and ran nicely on 12 Dec 2012, but after the MS VS update with hotfix on 13-dec-2012, I can not build anything since I now get Kit faults. Qt5.rc2 QtCreator IDs the VC 2010 compiler, but will not add it to a kit, apparently due to perceived incompatibility with the Qt5.rc2 libraries now. I even tried to back out the hotfix as best I could, re-installed VS/Vc2010 (after removing it) and the SP1 (takes a full day to do that), and Qt5.rc2 itself to no avail. I then tried to build Rc2 from sources but that completely fails to build with something from the hotfix still around. I am surprised everyone is not reporting this problem.

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    Could you please "file a bug report": and attach any binary you built with the patched compiler?

    Looks like I need to fix the detection... chances are that the libraries are not compatible. The binary detection scheme uses the linker version and if that changes then the binaries ought to be incompatible... let's see whether that is true here as well:).

    The kits should work, even when creator considers them faulty. Give it a try!

    PS: Please add a link to your bug report once you created it here.

  • Bug posted with images of the QtCreator screen added:

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    Where are the screen shots? I can't see them on the bug report:-/

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