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[SOLVED]Re parenting full screen QWebView window does not work in secondary monitor

  • I just created a sample QWebView app, that merely plays a youtube flash video. When I click on the full screen button on this flash video it brings a new window called "AdobeFlashFullScreen" window, that renders flash video in the entire montior. Now when I make this window as a child window of already running some other application window, it works in primary monitor , but not in the secondary monitor. I am not able to see my FullScreenWindow in secondary monitor.

    Note :- If I am not changing the parent then full screen works in secondary monitor as well.
    Please suggest is it a limitation of the framework itself???????

  • If we click on the full screen button of the flash in the secondary monitor then if you really look at the x, y cordinate of that full screen window, it will be out of range of the secondary monitor resolution.

    So just after making this window as a child of some other native/qt window just move your full screen window to 0, 0 position.

    I achieved in windows using MoveWindow(hwnd, x, y , width , height), and then it is visible.

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