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  • Hello,

    I was searching for a crossplatform framework which can help me to developp and spread my application over platform.
    Qt seems to be the best for that.

    But after installing the Qt 5 RC2 how disappointing it is ...

    I cannot compile anything ... still complaining about ":-1: erreur : Qt Creator needs a compiler set up to build. Configure a compiler in the kit options.". Searching a little in the options menu, I found things, I see what is the problem but no help to solve it.

    Qt is freshly installed on my Windows 7 !
    I try on my mac, but the result is the same ... After installing otool (which was another obstacle to overcome without proprer documentation) it complains about the same error.

    Searching around the web and forum I discovered that I need to install windows sdk or mingw (for the windows platform, for the mac one, nothing was found).
    But that's not as simple as it sounds because mingw will be not recognize properly by QtCreator and WindowsSDK is not so easy to find in the right version (7 or 8, with or without visual studio, ...). Which version of Windows SDK is recommended ????

    I see some requirement pages on the website but nothing really clear with things like "download this at this page" or "follow this guide to configure mingw" and so ...
    Instead of that, I found pages that indicate me how to build Qt5 in order to make it works properly ...

    I don't understand why is it so complicated to deliver something that work out of the box ?!?
    Or at least give a good documentation on how to install it and/or choose the right tools.
    I will not use 4.8 Qt because the next version will be release in a few weeks now. I don't want to take time to migrate my application from 4.8 to 5 or discover the new functionnalities of Qt 5 after doing stuff with the previous version ... what a waste of time !

    I think I will give a try to mono or something else if I don't find the solution to my problems with Qt.

    I'm sorry to complaining like that but I think that if something is not simple to be set up It shall be deliver with the proper documentation.
    If someone can help to make the things work I will perhaps write an how to about installing and making things work.

  • You are just at a bad timing, because of Qt transition to Digia - Qt had (well still has... but it's not updated with the newest version) an SDK that installed everything you need to build Qt applications.

    Anyway for your problem you need to install a compiler, i can't give advices for mac, but on Windows you need Visual Studio 2010 for the Qt RC that you downloaded - because that release binaries are built with Visual Studio 2010 (i don't remember if i had to go to "kits" in Creator when i installed that on my system - but anyway that should be a easy to fix issue)

    But if you have (or need) another compiler you need to download the source code of Qt and build it with the compiler of your choice... that worked well (and it was simple to do) with Qt 4 and i expect Qt 5 to be that easy too but i didn't built Qt 5 yet.

  • You might want to use the original Nokia SDK found "here":http://www.developer.nokia.com/Community/Wiki/Qt_SDK. Digia's acquisition of Qt might have brought changes that new user can't start with.

    The Qt SDK is the most complete, by the time. You also need to download Visual Studio 2008 if you are in windows (that's for starters). The SDK also has mingw4.4, so if you dont want to use VS2008, you may do so.

    Happy Coding!

  • Well, I finally manage to compil something.

    The problem was that the uninstaller of Qt didn't remove configuration files. And for an unknown reason, Qt is unable to autodetect a change in the configuration ...

    So when I reinstall Qt after installed Visual Studio 2010 and/or the windowsSDK, nothing was changed.

    You need to remove the configuration file in AppData directory.

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