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[Solved] Qt application not start on another computer.

  • With qt4 I add a.addLibraryPath(QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath ()+"/plugins").
    If compiling with qt 5 application dont start.
    I think that the problem is plugins directory.

  • Hi! You have given very little information.
    On what platform you work and what compiler are you using?
    How you deploy your application on another computer?

  • I use qt rc2 and qt creator with visual studio 2010 in windows 8.
    I put excutable and shared dll and plugin dir.
    Add path plugins as qt4.

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    You need to copy the platform plugin, too (windows.dll, to plugins/platforms).

  • Done. Dont start.
    Qt is great and there is good documentation, but things easy seem complicated.
    Excuse for my english.

  • Phatic months for an application and I cannot give to friends!

  • On the other machine must be installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package, which can be downloaded "here":

  • I know this. I believe that the problem is plugins dir.
    In fact, if you rename in my computer this folder, application not start.
    I put in folder application shared dll and copy in it intere plugins folder, add
    istruction a.addLibraryPath. I try to delete other path library.
    In qt 4 version this work, in qt 5 lib not work.
    There is a solution, probabily, as add plugins folder in same directory in client computer, but I belive is not elegant solution.

  • Solved! Don't need add anything to code application, example addLibraryPath,
    I have put in folder release follow files:
    and other which application ask.
    The plugins folders must out as same level:
    not plugins/imageformats
    but imageformats

    Add also platforms

  • This is good news! Now be a good boy, and add [Solved] to the beginning of a stream header.
    When I create the installer on Windows, use the "Dependency Walker": .
    This is a GUI application that shows the dependencies needed to run the application (this does not apply to plug-ins).

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