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QGL::SampleBuffers and stencil buffer based picking

  • Hi,

    i have a 3D OpenGL application, where I implement object picking with stencil buffer.
    To have the polygons rendered nice and smooth, I used an OpenGL context with QGL::SampleBuffers enabled.
    However the problem is that now when I resize/maximize the window picking stops working correctly.
    It seems like if the stenciling buffer keeps its original dimensions and does not resize on window resizing/maximization.
    When I turn of antialiasing, picking works as expected including resizing the window. Yet another interesting thing
    is that when I start my window maximized, stenciling and antialiasing work together as expected.

    So my question is, can I use QGL::SampleBuffers together with stencil buffer in Qt ?
    If so, what else do i have to enable to make it work reliably ?

    I am using Qt 4.8.1 on Windows with MSVC compiler, but I would like the solution to work on as many platforms as possible.
    For displaying the scene I am reimplementing the drawbackground() method of QGraphicsScene.

    Thanks for your answers

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