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Custom designer widget only shows "Component is not a valid Qt plugin" in QtDesigner

  • Hello,

    I now this topic was discussed several times but I could not find a solution for my special case.

    • My development environment is Win7 32 Bit, Qt 4.8.0, QtCreator 2.4.1.
    • I use mingw and the QtCreator is compiled from source with this setup.
    • I have installed QWT 6.0.1 and also compiled
    • The QWT plugins are shown fine in QtCreator

    Now I have an inherited component (a BarGraph inherited from QwtAbstractScale) with some more features. I want to make a custom designer widget so it is also shown in the QtCreator.
    I followed the example of the analogclock customdesignerwidget and also used the wizzard but I only get the above mentioned error message.
    Is there any possibility to get more information from QtCreator or QtDesigner, maybe in some log files where I can get more information what is wrong?

  • I remember reading somewhere (sorry, but I can't find it now) that the Qt lib versions that QtCreator was compiled against has to match the Qt lib versions you are compiling your plugin against. In other words, if QtCreator 2.4.1 wasn't compiled against Qt 4.8.0, I don't think it will work if your plugin IS compiled against 4.8.0. I hope that makes sense...Not sure if that may perhaps be the issue here.

    EDIT: I just realised that you said you compiled QtCreator from source. Sorry!

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