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GPLv3 version of Qt SDK for Windows

  • Hi all,

    I am looking for the GPLv3 version of Qt SDK for Windows, and can not find it anywhere; even the current Beta. Am I missing something?

  • We all miss the SDK - Digia promised that it will come, but as far as i know they didn't set a date - anyway the current SDK (released by Nokia) has Qt 4.8.x (i think x is 1) so if you want newer Qt or newer Creator you need to install those separately and configure Creator to find Qt, compiler, debugger... it's not that hard and you can ask here if you don't manage to get things going

    //The current RC2 release of Qt5 is kind of an SDK that only needs VS 2010 to be installed separately (of course if this is an acceptable option)

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    Qt is distributed as LGPL/ GPL - you can simply choose which license you want to obey (excluding, of course, commercial license, which gives you full freedom in that regard).

    Since Qt is a collection of libraries, GPL and LGPL are fully compatible here - you can use Qt to develop GPL or proprietary code, depending on your choice.

    Even when you compile from source, a choice is given between commercial and LGPL only, as far as I remember (I usually skip it with -confirm-license).

    • of course: IANAL, be cautious.

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    The Qt 5 packages contain Qt Creator and Qt itself. There is no compiler/debugger in that package since Qt is build with MSVC2010 in that package and the Qt project can not distribute that:-/

    I hope the mingw packages (not yet available!) will ship with a compiler/debugger again.

  • I hope the same, too. :-)

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