QMake and Windows rc files

  • Hi,

    I'm creating a plugin with creator and I'm currently having issues with windows resource files. My .rc file includes another resource file (built with a custom step) which isn't always included.

    If I do a rebuild, only the resources included in the rc file declared in the .pro file are bundled inside the dll. But if I modify the .rc file and build again, all the resources are included correctly in the dll.

    I've found a workaround to make the rebuild to work by adding a pre-build step, compiling the resource by hand and instead of specifying the rc file in the .pro I add the compiled one (.res). But I think it is a rather nasty way of doing this.

    Any suggestion? Could it be a bug in qmake (I'm using Qt 4.7.2)? I tried to look into the bug tracker but couldn't find anything...

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