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Breakpoints not working when "Run in terminal" is checked

  • Debugger doesn't stop at breakpoints if the "Run in terminal" option is selected in Qt Creator

  • If I configure Project run in Terminal, this is only affected on running the application ( so no stop at breakpoints ).

    If I debug the Project no Terminal is shown and the debugger stops.

    So everything works fine with my configuration:

    QT 5 rc2
    QTCreator 2.6.1

  • Which OS are you running? If on linux: Do you have ptrace protection on?

  • I don't know how is this related to ptrace but no, protection is disabled

    @$ cat /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope

    I'm running Ubuntu 12.10 x86_64 and QtCreator 2.6.81 (Qt 4.8.3)

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