[Solved] Transition Problem between different Qt libraries built by different MinGW versions

  • Hi all,

    There has been QtSDK with Qt 4.8.0 on my system before. Then I’ve built Qt 4.8.4 libraries with the last MinGW version in order to add openssl support. Now when I add Qt 4.8.4 build configuration from Qt Creator’s projects settings, it crashes (forced to close). How should I do the transition between different Qt libraries built by different MinGW versions?

    Qt SDK 4.8.0 libraries built by C:\QtSDK\mingw\bin
    Qt 4.8.4 libraries built by the last MinGW version (C:\MinGW\bin)

  • The problem has been solved when I've used and installed Qt Creator 2.6.0. Thanks to developers for "Kits" module.

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    If you still experience problems: Please upgrade to the Qt Creator version found in the Qt 5 RC release (which is 2.6.0 plus quite some fixes, most of them to make it work better with Qt5). That version also includes a fix for an issue with different mingw versions causing crashes.

    That version should become available as 2.6.1 once Qt 5 is out.

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