Qt Creator compatibility with Qt 5.0 RC

  • I've been using Qt Creator 2.6.0 with Qt 5 beta 2 and have just finished compiling the release candidate. When I try to use it with Qt Creator it complains with the message "ABI detection failed". I have just found out that this is due to the name of the libraries changing between Beta 2 and the RC.

    The binary install of Qt 5.0 RC includes Qt Creator 2.6.1, which I assume has been specially crafted to work with the release candidate. The question I have is does anyone know if Qt Creator 2.6.1 will be released soon as a stand-alone package.

  • There will be a release alongside the Qt 5.0 final. Until then you can grab packages from http://origin.releases.qt-project.org/ or build from git.

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