QT compilation problems

  • Hello everyone

    I have used before QT creator in Linux environment with no problems.
    I now have to use it in Windows environment, but i'm having ample problems. In the begining i installed QT SDK, but i had compilation problem, the problems i had...that it didn't recognize any the library headers even the standard one e.g. "stdio.h" etc. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, the same problem.
    After that i installed seperately, the libraries 4.8.4 (opensource MinGW), i comlpiled the libraries which took like 3 and half hrs "i doubt it compiled comletely"....then installed the QT creator.

    Now, after all this, i am not able to create even a project. It asks me "no kit were found". and the last thing i noticed, why isn't the user interface when creating a project isn't the same as that u have when in Linux.

    i followed many small tutorials on how to install it on windows...but why is this so complicated, am i missing a lot of things here. please direct me in the right course

    Thank you for your help

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    You need to add Qt version you have compiled to Qt Creator->Tools>Build & Run->Qt Versions.

  • Hello Sierdzio
    thanks for the reply, well this might sound like a complete idiotic question....but how do i add Qt version if it's not automatically detected. i see there is an add option, but then where do i find the version... do i install it as an add-on from website.
    I appreciate the guidance

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    Click "Add", browse to the folder where you have compiled Qt, then go into folder named "bin" and select qmake binary that will be there.

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