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Qt & Android - where to start porting a c++ app for visually impaired people (mail, web, scanning etc)

  • I the start of a Qt project in C++. Ultimately it will be a simplified menu driven application aimed at people with visual impairments - so speech assistance included. I now have the task of seeing if it can be run on Android and Windows. There is a lot of information out there and sometimes it is hard to know how old it is - I am assuming newer information is better!

    Am I right in thinking QML is required for this and Qt does not support this on it's own but additional plugins are required? Can anyone point me in the right direction for documents/examples/discussion please? This application needs speech, email, web, scanning, printing, Skype, Facebook etc so I am wondering about the native drivers and API restrictions.

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    Right now Qt for Android is a project called "Necessitas":http://necessitas.kde.org/. It's developed separately from Qt Project, but Digia has recently announced that it will be integrated into Qt Project.

    I've tested it with QML only, but as far as I know, Necessitas also supports QtWidgets.

  • I am just half way through http://qt-project.org/videos/watch/targeting-android-with-qt but you know these things, they always make it sound all singing all dancing! :-)

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    True. Well, I have not used Necessitas for a while now, so I can't provide too much fresh information.

  • Thanks anyway, I will keep digging (might at least find some hot gasses that way - freeeeeezing here!)

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